TALK is a student-led initiative at Michigan Law that aims to bring our community together to share our stories and perspectives with one another.

Once a week, we will come together and listen to the unique story or perspective of one of our classmates. The idea is to dig deep and share authentic, meaningful stories that speak to who you are and how you got to be that way.

The first 30 minutes are the TALK itself – where you came from, what matters to you most, what shapes your unique perspective, what drives you, or where you want to go. The final 30 minutes are for open, frank, and honest comments and questions.

Our goal is to share the wealth of each other’s experiences and, in doing so, enhance the emotional intelligence of our community.

 Aaron 2 Adrian 1

HOW can I give a TALK?

Please email tekadri@umich.edu to express your interest in giving a TALK.

And to hear about future TALKs, please sign up for our email list or visit and “like” our Facebook page.


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